1.                SCORING

o                  Each game shall be decided over 21 ends.

o                  The score shall be recorded end by end on the scorecard.

o                  Sides will be awarded points on the following basis:

      Three sets of 7 ends shall be played with 3 points awarded for each set concluded.

      The winner of the game on final score will be awarded 3 points.  Should the scores at the end of the game be equal 1 points will be awarded to both teams.

      2 points will be awarded to the side scoring the most shots.

      Should the aggregate scores be equal I point will be awarded to each side.

      A maximum total of 26 points is scored in a match.


2.                SCORING OF ABANDONED GAMES  

          Should a match be abandoned for any reason, scoring of the game shall be applied as follows:

o                  3 points scored for sets completed shall stand.

o                  1 points shall be awarded to both teams for sets not completed.

o                  The shots scored at the point of abandoning the game shall stand and be recorded as the result of the game.

o                    The 2 bonus match points shall be awarded to the side that has the highest shots at the point of abandoning the games.

o                    Should there be no play each side will be awarded 13 points each.



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