Format of the South African Nationals

CIRCULAR 32/2008


 The President of Bowls SA, Piet Breitenbach, has met with a further group of Bowlers to canvass their views and thoughts regarding the format of the South African Nationals played annually. This meeting is in addition to the previous meeting held in April with prominent players.

The proposal discussed in April came under discussion and the meeting agreed with the basic principals however, with certain changes.


It was agreed by the meeting that the Pairs should be contested with four bowls and not three bowls as previously proposed. This would allow for only three rounds to be played each day and not four rounds as proposed in April.

It was further proposed that once the round robin phase had been completed and while the play-offs were taking place that the non-qualifiers compete in different Plate events. Second qualifiers to compete in separate Plate events to third and fourth qualifiers.


The meeting proposed that the Fours event consist of 21 end games and not 15 end matches. The previous meeting proposed the shorter games to complete more rounds each day.


It was suggested that the tournament retain the team challenge consisting of the Pairs and Fours only. The clubs Fours entry would be required to split into two sets of Pairs should they wish to participate in the team challenge. Clubs would not be forced to enter this team challenge.


The meeting agreed with the previous proposal regarding the format of the Singles however, suggested that this discipline be removed from the Nationals and be played as a separate event at a different time and at a different venue.


The meeting also endorsed the re-introduction of the Senior Singles as proposed by Bowls SA. This event should be played at the same time and venue as the Open Singles.

 The President agreed to present this proposal to Council as an additional motion at the AGM workshop for Districts to consider.

 John Ravenscroft

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